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Wrist Pain Causes and Non-Invasive Chiropractic Treatment Options

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Wrist pain is common for many Americans, especially those who have jobs or hobbies that require repeated hand movements. This type of pain presents in a variety of ways. Some people experience tingling or weakness, others may experience a searing pain. When it comes to wrist pain, individuals can experience different symptoms even if they all have the same condition. Either way, this pain can affect everyday life.

A Family Chiropractic Clinic treats many conditions and helps many people find pain relief. Wrist pain is no different. We want to help free people from the pain caused by this condition so they can enjoy life once more. Chiropractic care is more than just backs. It’s a total body approach to overall well-being and health. Many people don’t realize how the cause of many types of pain begins with the spine. Our trained and professional staff will get to the root of your pain problem and treat the source of your pain.

The Ins and Outs of Wrist Pain

A number of conditions can lead to wrist pain. Most people don’t put much thought into the movement of their wrists. However, this is actually a very complex area that performs many intricate movements. Pain in the area often involves more than just the wrist itself. The bones, muscles, nerves, and other tissues of the hand, fingers, and entire arm are also often a part of pain experienced in the wrist.

One of the main problems with wrist pain is that many people incorrectly assume it is carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, carpal tunnel treatments often get a bad reputation for being largely ineffective. The truth is they are viewed as ineffective because many people don’t actually have carpal tunnel syndrome. Their pain is the result of another issue which is easily mistaken for this condition. This is because wrist pain symptoms and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are very similar. Common symptoms include soreness, stiffness, numbness, tiredness, burning, stinging, and a range of other painful symptoms. This pain may present in and around the rest in hands, fingers and arms.

Causes of Wrist Pain

A variety of conditions can cause wrist pain. Overuse is one of the most common, followed by normal wear and tear, and injuries or disease. Early diagnosis is the key to avoiding serious symptoms and possibly permanent damage. Delaying diagnosis and treatment can have a negative effect on your body’s ability to heal itself.

Many types of wrist pain are easily treatable with chiropractic care. Tendonitis is a common cause of pain in the wrist, often presenting as a stabbing pain. This condition is caused by inflamed tendons. and can happen at each joint in the body. Another common cause of wrist issues is peripheral nerve entrapment, more commonly known as a pinched nerve. The nerves can become pinched by surrounding bones, muscles, tendons, tissue, or cartilage. Similar to a pinched nerve, Pronator Syndrome occurs when muscles in the forearm compress the arm’s median nerve at the elbow. This condition in particular is more commonly mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is another condition commonly mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition causes the ring and pinky fingers to lose strength and swell when pressure is placed on the ulnar nerve in the elbow. Carpal tunnel syndrome itself causes pressure on the median nerve in the wrist causing pain, numbness, and tingling.

Additional Causes of Wrist Pain

Injuries can also be responsible for causing wrist pain. Falls or sudden impacts can cause fractures, strains, sprains, and bruising. Everyday use can result in injury as well. These are repetitive stress injuries. They occur with frequent, repetitive use such as typing or assembly line work. Overuse or repetitive stress injuries occur when the hand and wrist perform repeated motions while held in one position long periods of time. Tissues in the area can become inflamed and compress nerves and other surrounding tissues.

Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can also cause wrist pain. Chances are, if you have one of these conditions you may also be experiencing pain elsewhere in your body. Speak with a chiropractor about your treatment options to help you live a full and rewarding life.

Chiropractic Care and Wrist Pain

When you make an appointment with your chiropractor for your wrist pain, they’ll begin by taking a medical history and going over your symptoms. You’ll then undergo a physical examination. Your chiropractor may request an x-ray, MRI, or bone scan if they suspect your pain may be the result of an underlying issue.

Your chiropractor will make treatment recommendations once they locate the cause of your pain. Often times this involves adjusting the joint where the problem occurs. The adjustment will help restore mobility and function. In addition to a chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor may also recommend complimentary therapies. Heat therapy, cold therapy, ultrasound therapy, and physical therapy are common additions when it comes to treating nerve pain throughout the body.

The most important thing is to understand that wrist pain doesn’t necessarily mean you have carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s also important to get a second opinion if you are, in fact, diagnosed with carpal tunnel as this condition is often over-diagnosed. This is also why a large number of patients don’t respond well to carpal tunnel treatment options.

A chiropractor thoroughly understands the workings of the entire body. This includes nerve pain throughout your body. If you suspect you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, rather than jumping into medication or even surgery, consult your chiropractor. The solution may be as simple as adjusting your spine, shoulder, elbow, or wrist in order to relieve the pain. Don’t undergo any unnecessary treatments without a consultation. Chiropractic care often is much more effective, less costly, and has little risk or recovery time. It’s important that you know all of your options and avoid risky surgery when you can.

If you’d like to know more about the option of treating wrist pain with chiropractic care, call our offices.

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