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Close up black and white images of the human body with common pain areas highlighted in red featuring the thigh, elbow, shoulder, lower back, and upper back and neck.Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. May people fail to get pain relief and live in constant pain. It can be associated with injury or disease. From nerve pain to headaches, the symptoms can negatively impact your life and those around you. Without pain relief, pain can seriously impact every aspect of a persons life. Work can suffer as a result. Emotional and financial burdens can wreak havoc. In a nutshell, it affects the quality of life for every person suffering from acute or chronic pain.

While chronic pain may seem like something you have to live with, that is simply not the case. People often try various treatments, including surgery, medications and other things. However, many of them do not work. We use a multidisciplinary approach to healing that can eliminate or significantly reduce pain issues. We have several methods and techniques and create a treatment plan that is specifically designed for each patient.

Pain Relief Techniques

Here are just some of the techniques we use:

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