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Massage Therapy Has Many Beneficial Uses

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A brunette woman lays on her left side on a table with her back toward the camera. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and she wears a white tank top and light gray leggings. A medical professional woman with her brown hair pulled back in a pony tail leans over her to study the patient's lower back and presses her fingers on both sides of the patient's spine.Massage Therapy Has Many Beneficial Uses

There are many great benefits of  massage therapy. When combined with formal practices like chiropractics or physical therapy, it allows for faster healing and increased mobility for the person who was in pain. If you struggle with consistent pain, pain from a nagging injury, or even chronic pain, you may want to consider getting massage therapy as well. It helps you feel better, faster, and helps you get on with your life.

What Type of Massage Therapy Works Best?

This isn’t the type of massage therapy people often think of first. This is not the gentle massages used to relax you. These are the intense, purposeful massages used to help you recover from an injury that sent you to physical therapy or the chiropractor in the first place. While many of the same techniques are used in both, the way they are used are different. With a traditional, gentle massage, the pressure is light and the intent is to help relax the muscles involved. This is often done as a way to bring stress down and create a calm experience.

With this type of massage therapy, the goal is to help manipulate the sore areas of the body with intense pressure and increased force. The same type of manual manipulation and techniques work for both. Plus, both have the goal of helping your whole body, not just the area being worked on. However, the intention now is to relieve the tension solely to allow the area to heal more quickly than it would on its own.

A man in black slacks lays on a table with his pantleg up past his knee and his knee bent as a medical professional with a gray shirt, tan pants, and a wedding ring places both of his hands on the patient's knee.Massage Therapy and Chiropractics Complement Each Other Well

When you go in and see a chiropractor, they want to realign your body. This allows for faster healing from almost any problem you may have. When you combine that realignment with massage therapy, it increases blood flow to the injured area. This helps to decrease the inflammation you had. Plus, it also helps your body send along natural endorphins, which can help to decrease your pain. When you have a massage over an injured area, your immune system also responds. This helps your body tend to the problem more quickly than it may have done on its own.

Benefits That Come from Massage Therapy

Aside from better blood flow, increased pain relief, and a faster immune system response, there are other benefits that you can also get from massage therapy. You can get skin that looks pinker and healthier from the manipulation of your body. Not only do you get increased blood flow to the area that hurts, but you also get it to the massaged skin. This allows your body to boost the blood in the skin, giving it that pinker appearance. Also, when you massage an area, you help your body remove impurities in that area. This means that if toxins were built up there and that was part of what was causing your inflammation or your pain, the massage therapy given will also help your body get extra relief.

Understanding How Chiropractics and Massage Therapy Work Together

Many people don’t know what signals their body’s give off when it is under what many call spinal stress. This is where there is stress along the pathway that the body would normally send and receive signals from. That stress can cause headaches, increase the total pain you are in, and slow down healing. If you get massage therapy at the first signs of spinal stress, you can alleviate many of these issues and begin feeling better more quickly. By going in and seeing your chiropractor for a realignment plus massage therapy, you can find relief. You can get relief from those headaches, and finally start to get relief from your injury. It is just important that you notice when your back is talking, and take the time to listen to what it is saying.

Get Help from People Who Have the Experience with Massage Therapy and Training to Know How to Help

By getting in touch with people who have gone through the training to know how to provide relief, you can finally stop living life in pain. You do not need to figure out how to adjust your life to your pain level. What you need to do is get control over your pain. Once you have control over your pain, you can then live the life you have been trying to live. Improve the quality of your life by seeking out someone who can help offer you massage therapy, and all of the amazing benefits that go with it.

When you want to find out more, reach out to the professionals at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. They can be reached at (940)566-0000, and are ready and willing to answer all of your questions about how you could benefit from combining chiropractic care with massage therapy.