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Umbilical Allografts

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The Healing Properties of Umbilical Allografts

There have been some truly amazing health breakthroughs in recent years, and umbilical allografts may be one of the most important. Umbilical allografts have grown in popularity as a pain management solution. This non-invasive treatment option helps enhance your own body’s ability to heal, resulting in a more permanent solution in comparison to other options. Not only do umbilical cord allografts relieve pain, but they also can restore mobility. This advanced treatment also helps you heal with significantly less downtime than you’d experience from alternative options. Oftentimes, only a single injection is all a patient needs to get these amazing benefits.

What are Umbilical Allografts?

There have been some truly amazing health breakthroughs in recent years. And one procedure, the umbilical cord allograft, is really changing lives. Many people are learning about what this type of therapy offers and wonder if it’s able to help them or a loved one. The truth is, there is a good possibility that umbilical allografts can help with a variety of ailments. More research needs to be done to see exactly how far-reaching the benefits of this type of therapy can go. Yet there are already several ways that umbilical regenerative medicine can improve quality of life.

Why Use an Umbilical Cord Tissue Allograft?

To understand how umbilical cord tissue allografts can help you, it helps to understand where it all begins. Everyone starts with starter cells. These starter cells are used to make every other cell in the body. They’re the building blocks for everything. They can become any cell that the body needs.

Research has taken these cells and placed them into the body as new cells, and recipients respond. For example, if these cells are placed into a painful joint, they can create new cells to decrease pain and increase joint cushioning. The growth factors found in umbilical allografts can help with torn or diminished cartilage as well as tears in the MCL or ACL.

Three are many therapy options available to patients suffering from these types of injuries. However, we feel that this type of regenerative medicine provides more healing properties than the other treatment options. The injections we use are derived from what is called Wharton’s Jelly. It’s extracted from the umbilical cord. It’s a clear gel-like tissue and contains as much as fifty times more hyaluronic acid and other growth factors than amniotic fluid. This powerful mix of cells drastically increases the body’s ability to heal. Many people notice success after only one injection.

What Are the Benefits of Umbilical Cord Allograft?

The message-signaling cells in umbilical cord allografts are greatly concentrated. As a result, these cells help regenerate and repair a number of tissues. These cells are typically harvested after birth (postnatally), doesn’t change the birth, and is safe for both mother and baby. They are stored for later use in a variety of medical applications.

Designed to Repair and Heal

Regenerative therapies such as umbilical cord allografts are a game-changer. Under the right conditions, they can do just about anything. They’re able to repair and regenerate other tissues such as damaged tendons, ligaments, nerve tissues, blood vessels, cartilage, and even bone. It’s a great treatment option when regular cell regeneration isn’t able to keep up. These cells can help speed up healing and provide pain relief. One outstanding example of this form of regenerative medicine is the regeneration of spinal tissues. Before, if there was an injury to the spinal cord, the immediate diagnosis was paralysis. However, now, with this therapy, there is hope that the spinal cord is able to be repaired in a way that allows some people to walk again.

The same goes for people who struggle with ailments like ALS or Parkinson’s Disease. If these types of regenerative therapies could improve their quality of life, it would be utterly life-changing for these individuals.

Immune System Boost

If some cells are dying off from a disease, the introduction of cryopreserved umbilical cord allografts can be enough to kickstart the body into being able to fight. During chemotherapy, it’s not uncommon for cells to face irreparable damage. However, regenerative medicine may be able to help repair some of this damage. With time and added research, we may be able to discover how different regenerative therapies can aid in the fight against cancer, as well.

Soft Tissue Healing

Several researchers will say they consider regenerative medicine to be the next step in major medical advancements since organ transplants. Transplants have saved countless lives and helped countless others have a better quality of life. The potential of regenerative medicines may possibly dwarf that number. The more we learn about what these starter cells can do, the more ailments can be treated or even reversed.

There have been recent studies utilizing umbilical cord allografts to assist with various heart ailments as well. For years, doctors and researchers have been using healthy bone marrow cells to repair damaged heart tissue. What could this evolve into? What other types of tissue may be a candidate for regenerative therapy thanks to advances with umbilical allografts?

We’ve already seen science advance leaps and bounds when using this type of regenerative medicine for soft tissue healing and tissue repair and regeneration. Imagine what else is possible.

Wound Healing

The impressive healing abilities of regenerative medicine has also opened up the door to wound care. It’s been shown that wounds heal faster when treated with regenerative therapies. It helps speed up tissue regeneration and wound repair. This type of treatment may even be the answer to a variety of chronic wounds, all while speeding up the healing process. With every new study conducted, we learn more about the incredible benefits and clinical applications for cord blood and allografts. We’ve already seen so many incredible results, it’s exciting to think of what else is possible and what products may be developed as a result.

Contact A Family Chiropractic Clinic to Learn More About Umbilical Allografts

If you find that you struggle with chronic pain there may be hope for you in this new form of regenerative therapy. It’s generally a great option for patients who’ve exhausted other available relief options.

Talk with our professional and experienced staff about the results they’ve seen first-hand using umbilical allografts and what they’ve heard from people just like you who are seeking pain relief. These success stories can help you understand just what’s possible with often as little as one injection. Don’t let pain control your life. Reach out to A Family Chiropractic Clinic to start on your journey toward living your best life.

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