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What is That Pop in a Chiropractic Adjustment?

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Have you ever gone in for a chiropractic adjustment, and heard that pop? Or maybe you have heard others talk about the pop, and it has caused hesitation in you seeing a chiropractor? In either case, that pop is totally normal and not something to be afraid of. When you undergo a chiropractic adjustment, your body is getting put back into proper alignment. This allows for more movement, less pain, and increased healing. If you have avoided a chiropractic adjustment up until now, it is time to find out what you have been missing.

What Exactly Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

The formal name of what a chiropractic adjustment fixes is a subluxation. Some refer to this as a bony misalignment, while others call it a joint that is not able to function properly. No matter what you call the problem, it is painful. What you need is a way to get that misalignment fixed. The longer it stays misaligned, the more damage it can do. Your body needs to remain aligned properly in order to function properly. Anything that disrupts that alignment can leave you with a limited range of motion, pain, and even permanent damage.

When a joint gets a subluxation, it basically gets stuck. Think of your joints like two pieces of bread with peanut butter on them, stuck together. The longer that those two pieces of bread stay stuck together, the harder they are going to be to get apart. Your joint is like sticky peanut butter. The longer it gets left stuck, the harder it is going to be to get apart again. Getting that adjustment is like taking an oiled spatula, and moving the two pieces of bread apart. This lubricates the joint, and allows the pieces of bread to move independently again.

Why Do I Hear a Pop When Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment?

During a chiropractic adjustment, most of the time you will hear a loud pop. This can actually make some new chiropractic patients nervous. What this is, is simply a combination of different gasses escaping the joint. The specific combination of gasses you hear combining to make that pop include carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. Think of it as air getting between the two pieces of peanut butter. When your body gets stiff and your joints lock up, this is a lack of lubrication in that joint. When the joint gets opened back up, the lubricating fluid goes back into the joint. That is what the noise is.

Most of the time, for those with more chiropractic experience, that noise signals the onset of relief. Many associate the noise with a decrease in pain. Sometimes you need to go through a single chiropractic adjustment, while other times, you may need numerous. You should plan on having them done regularly to keep up with the relief you get after your adjustment routine is complete.

Can Anyone Give You a Chiropractic Adjustment?

It is not safe for you to get a chiropractic adjustment from just anyone. Chiropractors go to school to learn about the nervous system, and how it all connects. They learn how each joint and body part connect, and how those connections can malfunction. The more they malfunction, the more pain and stiffness you have to struggle with. However, the sooner you get those malfunctions fixed, the sooner you get relief.

For those who do not know what the pop of a chiropractic adjustment sounds like, come in and see the experienced chiropractors here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. We can help you with any type of issue you may be having that stems from a misaligned joint. Not only do we have the education to provide you a safe route to getting relief, but we also have the experience to know how to help ease you into the routine. If you have avoided seeing a chiropractor because that popping noise is one that makes you nervous, we can help. Let one of our experienced professionals bring relief into your life by means of a chiropractic adjustment.

Benefits Your Body Gets from Having a Chiropractic Adjustment Done

The first benefit you get after a chiropractic adjustment is the ability to move. More often than not, one of the things your body goes through when it is not lined up properly is a feeling that your joint is stuck. You want to move it, and you know you would feel better if it did, but it just won’t budge. After an adjustment, you can get much, if not all of that range of motion back. It may take a few times of getting that part of the body adjusted to get it totally working. However, it is better than having the same type of limitations you started off with.

Another great benefit of chiropractic adjustments is the pain relief. Not only does your joint get stuck when it needs to be adjusted, but it can also be quite painful. The nerves get pinched, and the muscles get sore. Often, a lot of the pain comes from not moving around like normal. Once you get back to being able to move more normally, much of that stiffness and soreness goes away.

Healing is probably the best benefit that you can get from a chiropractic adjustment. Once the joint is back in line, it can heal back up. Healing is typically stunted when a joint gets misaligned. Once everything is back in its proper place, healing can begin. From there, your joint can function more normally, and you can move like you were meant to.

When your body does not feel quite right, it is time to get your body looked at. You do not need to live in pain or with limitations based on something in your body feeling off. Here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic, we know how to help. Call us today, at (940)566-0000, and let us help you get set up for a chiropractic adjustment right away.