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Ultrasound Therapy Can Decrease Chronic Pain

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Has your chiropractor brought up the idea of using ultrasound therapy to help alleviate some of your chronic pain? If so, it may be a good option to try. It can be a great way to help decrease your pain, and even to get the sore parts of your body to work better. There are two parts of ultrasound therapy that really help your body feel better. They are the heat and the vibration that come with using an ultrasound tool. There are many benefits to adding ultrasound therapy to your chiropractic routine. It is probably one of the better types of therapy for almost everyone to consider getting.

What Is Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound therapy is basically what it sounds like. It is a therapy that uses the sound waves of the ultrasound to speed up healing following an injury. Typically, what you feel during ultrasound therapy is warmth, but not pain. It is designed to send sound waves into your body tissues and heat it up. This thermal change gives you the ability to relax, and accept the benefits that come with the increased blood flow. When you get ultrasound therapy, it is like sending tiny vibrations into your body. This is what stimulates your body’s response to the therapy.

What Benefits Can You Get from Ultrasound Therapy?

The biggest benefit people often notice after ultrasound therapy is increased healing. This comes from the vibration effects that come from the ultrasound itself. When an ultrasound is used, it sends forth sound waves that vibrate everything ever so slightly in front of it. This vibration is felt all the way to the cellular level. The cells get stimulated just a tiny bit, prompting the body to send in cells that help to make slight repairs to those cells. While the repair cells are active, they also help to heal the original problem before heading out to other parts of the body. This is what improves the healing that you get after ultrasound therapy.

The other major benefit of ultrasound therapy is the relaxation effect. Because ultrasound therapy vibrates your tissues, it causes a heated effect. This heat helps the surrounding tissues relax and stretch out. The relaxation of tissues is great for chiropractors because they can then put your body back into alignment. This realignment can help decrease your pain further, and give you even more relief. The warmth that people talk about lasts both during the ultrasound therapy session and for a bit afterwards. Since it lasts, many people walk away from their therapy happier than when they went in. They can live a bit more normal of a life for a few hours, and not feel stuck because of the pain they were in before.

Chiropractors Often Consider Massage Therapy a Micro-Massage

When you get ultrasound therapy from a chiropractor, you will likely notice that this feels like a micro-massage. It helps to reduce the swelling in the area along with the pain, plus increase the blood flow to that area. While it is doing these things, it is also decreasing the stiffness of the sore area. This allows your chiropractor to be able to get into the area and manipulate it better. If the area was still stiff, your chiropractor would not necessarily be able to get everything aligned the way it should be. This could leave you in pain. However, since your stiffness is likely to go down significantly, you are likely to go home with less pain than you showed up in.

As you continue to go in and see your chiropractor for additional ultrasound therapy sessions, you will notice your pain continue to decrease. The more you see your chiropractor, the less pain you should have each day. Ideally, your chiropractor will continue to see you and perform the ultrasound therapy sessions until you are pain-free.

Seeking Out Professional Help for Ultrasound Therapy Sessions

No matter if you have been dealing with chronic pain for years or were recently injured in something like a car accident – ultrasound therapy can help. You will be able to find some relief in nearly every single circumstance. Work together with your chiropractor to help figure out what methods are going to provide you the greatest forms of both short and long-term relief. It is great to make your body feel better now, but it doesn’t do you much good if you are going to feel worse tomorrow. Figure out a treatment plan with an experienced chiropractic team that employs ultrasound therapy as one of their tools. You are likely going to experience more rapid and comprehensive pain relief than you ever thought possible.

Contact the professionals at A Family Chiropractic Clinic today, by calling (940)566-0000, and find out what benefits you could be able to look forward to if you came in for ultrasound therapy sessions.