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Denton Chiropractic services serving patients in Argyle, Aubrey, Denton, Flower Mound, Frisco, Justin, Krum, Lake Dallas, Lewisville, Little Elm, Pilot Point, Ponder, and Sanger.

The team at A Family Chiropractic Clinic knows that pain can greatly affect your life. We are here to help. Your situation is most likely unique, and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Our individualized chiropractic care is tailored to the needs of your body. This allows us to treat the cause of your neck pain or back pain directly. Our goal is to provide effective care for pain relief while improving your quality of life without the dangerous side effects associated with unnecessary medication.

Back & Pain Relief

We specialize in back and pain relief. You do not have to live with chronic pain. Our qualified chiropractors and physical therapists work together to create an effective treatment plan that can relieve your back, neck, or other pain you may be experiencing.

Rehabilitation Center

Our clinic has all the tools and staff needed to get you back to better health. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and our staff is highly trained and experienced to provide quality treatment without adverse effects.

Severe Pain & Discomfort

Severe pain and discomfort can wreak havoc on all aspects of your life, including your work and personal life. You don’t have to live with severe pain or discomfort. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation and get on the path to recovery.

Chiropractic Services Near Me

If you’re looking for local chiropractic services, then A Family Chiropractic Clinic offers many options for patients of all ages. Take a look at some of the services we offer to help with pain relief and healing.

  1. Chiropractic Adjustments – This is what most people think of when they talk about going to see the chiropractor. Adjustments allow the chiropractor to gently work your spine back into alignment for many different health benefits including reducing and eliminating back pain.
  2. Massage – Chiropractors will sometimes massage soft tissues. This improves circulation while reducing inflammation and swelling commonly associated with back and joint pain. Massage can also promote quicker healing.
  3. Traction – A chiropractic massage involving traction is another way chiropractors help provide relief. The patient lays face up while rollers move on the back to help massage and stretch the muscles. Traction can also mean the use of traction devices that help stretch the spine to decompress discs and reduce pressure on nerves.
  4. Ultrasound Therapy – Ultrasound sound waves create deep heat therapy in soft tissues and joints. Think of it as a micro-massage. This service reduces back pain, spasms, and stiffness while increasing blood flow to accelerate healing.
  5. Hydrotherapy – This service uses varying water pressure and temperature to use the body’s reaction to cold and hot stimuli to reduce sensitivity while promoting blood flow and healing.
  6. Heat and Cool Therapy – Another service that utilizes the body’s response to hot and cold is the use of heat and ice therapy to treat back pain. This is similar to hydrotherapy but instead uses ice packs and heating pads or other similar items.
  7. Diathermy – This shortwave electromagnetic form of therapy heats into deep, dense tissues. It relaxes muscles as well as connective tissues, accelerates healing, increases circulation, and decreases pain and muscle spasms.
  8. Cold Laser Therapy – This service utilizes particles of energy from a laser which are then absorbed by a cell’s membrane. The cells and tissues then convert the energy into fuel that decreases swelling, reduces pain and inflammation, and improves circulation.
  9. Infrared Radiation – Using a thermal camera, chiropractors can differentiate between temperatures to assess any abnormalities or underlying conditions that may be causing their pain.
  10. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) – This common type of electrical stimulation is used to block pain signal transmission along nerves and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller. It involves placing electrodes over painful areas and carefully controlling the electrical stimulation.
A brunette woman lays on her left side on a table with her back toward the camera. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and she wears a white tank top and light gray leggings. A medical professional woman with her brown hair pulled back in a pony tail leans over her to study the patient's lower back and presses her fingers on both sides of the patient's spine.

In addition to offering services, chiropractors also provide advice. Chiropractic care focuses on your overall health. As a result, your chiropractor may make suggestions pertaining to:

Dietary Management – Chiropractors often provide their patients with information on how to ease back pain through diet. Some may also recommend supplements to help patients manage pain, flexibility, and more.
Exercise – Chiropractors can offer information regarding exercises to help strengthen weakened areas.
Ergonomics – Your chiropractor may offer advice on how to make your life more ergonomic by making alterations to your workstation.
Pelvic Stabilization – In some cases, your chiropractor may suggest a heel lift or other type of shoe insert to help support your posture and prevent additional pain.
Patient Education – Chiropractors are also great at offering lifestyle modifications to help you live a great, pain-free life.

All of our professionally trained staff are highly qualified and care about the well-being of each and every patient. We take the time to listen and care about your health while providing custom chiropractic service.

If you have any questions about chiropractic care, therapies, and treatment options, please contact A Family Chiropractic Clinic in Denton, Texas at (940) 566-0000.

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