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Understanding neuropathy can be helpful if you think you may have it or were recently diagnosed with it. While it is a complex medical ailment, it involves damage in the nerves around the outer extremities of your body. Most of the problems begin in the feet, then progress to the hands and up the limbs. However, that is not always the same pattern that neuropathy takes. If you have been struggling with painful hands or feet, you may want to find out if you could be suffering from neuropathy. Far too many cases of it go undiagnosed.

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a physical condition that affects your nerves. It typically starts with your feet, but not always. It leaves many patients feeling odd sensations and pain without any direct reason. Many sufferers talk about feeling something akin to pins and needles, electrical shocks going up and down the affected area, numbness, and tingling. This can range from mild and barely noticeable, to extraordinarily painful and miserable. Neuropathy can begin very slowly, or it can be a relatively sudden onset, leaving you in pain that you cannot explain.

For some people, the numbness comes and goes along with the pain. Other people are in constant pain all day and all night. Many people suffering from neuropathy struggle to sleep at night, as the pain and the tingling often keep them awake. Some also struggle with depression, as neuropathy can cause a significant change in how a person is able to live their life. If the pain is constant, walking and even getting out of the house can become a daily challenge. Feeling as though you are stuck or a burden on other people around you can be difficult for many people. However, remember, you are facing a medical condition, and it is not your fault. Seeing what type of help you can get from therapists to relieve some, if not all, of your pain, can help improve the quality of life you live.

Where Does Neuropathy Come From?

The leading cause of neuropathy is diabetes, but even then, it only accounts for about one-third of the people who suffer from this ailment. It doesn’t have a specific cause 100% of the time from what doctors and researchers have found. You could be struggling with neuropathy because you had an injury, because of a circulation issue, or because of something else going on within your body that may not have even been diagnosed yet.

How Can Chiropractics Help with Neuropathy?

By turning to a chiropractor to help with your neuropathy, you can find a lot of natural relief. The goal of chiropractics is to help your body function better. You can get a reduction in inflammation, and even decrease the overall swelling that often accompanies this painful condition. Chiropractors use manipulation to help your body feel better. Their goal is to open up the channels in your body that communicate with the brain, especially along the nervous system. They want to give your body the ability to communicate the messages from the nerves more effectively. This helps your body send in the cells that repair damage more effectively, and allows your body to help with your own recovery.

Who to Turn to For Help Getting Relief from Neuropathy?

You have a wide range of people you can turn to for issues with neuropathy. The first person you should speak to is your doctor. They can typically listen to what your symptoms are and how long they last, and perform a few simple tests to determine if you are struggling with neuropathy. Once you have an official diagnosis, you can go to a few different places to get help. Your doctor may want to try physical therapy, but that can be hit or miss. They may also want to try pain medication, but that isn’t what most people want, as that can severely limit the quality of life many people have.

Instead of opting to start off with medication, you may want to try seeing a massage therapist or a chiropractor. Both of these individuals can help your body heal more effectively on its own, providing you with some immediate relief. They can also continue to see you regularly, providing you the option of some long-term pain relief. Don’t live a life where you struggle to move around or get depressed because of limitations this condition puts on your life. Seek out the help of a professional who has the skills, education, and training to help you feel better.

For more information or to find out what type of relief options you could get, contact the people at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. They can be reached at (940)566-0000, so call them today and find out what they can do to help with your neuropathy.

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