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Neck Pain on the Right Side? What You Need to Know

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If you have ever woken up to neck pain that is only on the right side of your neck, this may feel incredibly odd. Normally, neck pain is in the back of your neck, so having trouble with only a single side of your neck is likely very disconcerting. You can use your neck normally to the left, with little or no discomfort, but anything on the right is downright miserable. Here is what you need to know about this type of pain and how to make it feel a bit better.

Understanding Right Side Neck Pain

Having neck pain that is only on the right is often the sign of a specific ailment. If you just slept wrong, you would likely only be stiff, so if you are more than stiff and are fully in pain, you need to take notice. There are some very common issues that could be leading to your pain, as well as some more intricate diagnoses that you could be facing. Knowing what to expect can help make the process a bit easier.

One of the more common causes of neck pain is whiplash. This commonly occurs after a motor vehicle accident, and can be delegated to only one side of the neck. If you were recently in an accident, then you should make sure that you take notice of this pain. You should go in and see your doctor or chiropractor if the pain is making it hard for you to function, or if the pain gets worse over the course of a few hours or days. If the pain is only there the morning after the accident, but goes away on its own, then you may not need treatment for this type of ailment.

One of the lesser talked about causes of neck pain on the right is what is referred to as cervical spondylosis. It is much easier to call it a degeneration of the disks of your spine, specifically the disks of your neck vertebrae. This can happen from just getting older, or from having a profession that requires a lot of strain on your neck. This can cause neck pain on the right as the column within the vertebrae begins to narrow, making it more difficult for electrical pulses to travel up and down the spine. This is definitely a condition you want to speak with your doctor and your chiropractor about.

As we age here in beautiful Denton, Texas, muscle aches and pains get more common. Back and neck pain are two of the most common complaints that doctors see. Muscle strain can be the cause of neck pain, as can worn out joints. Each of these conditions can be made better with the help of a specialist, such as a chiropractor. However, you have to receive the right diagnosis in order to be able to get the right type of treatment.

Other Causes of Neck Pain

Having a herniated disk in your spine or in your neck can cause neck pain, and that may require you to have surgery to fix, depending on how bad the herniation is. Bone spurs in or around the neck can lead to neck pain, and those often require surgery to get them removed. You may also suffer from arthritis of the neck, which could be starting off on one side of your neck, which is why on the right side hurts.

Should you notice your neck pain being accompanied by losing weight, tingling that extends down your arm, or numbness that is constant or growing, you need to call your doctor right away and get seen. These may be regular issues for you to face, or they could be the signs that you are having something else going on within your body. Numbness along with neck pain could signal a heart issue, while losing weight could signal cancer or thyroid problems. You should always call your doctor immediately if you have pain in your neck and a very high fever. These are the early warning signs of meningitis, and that is an infection that must be treated early to avoid long-term complications.

A Chiropractor Can Help Alleviate Neck Pain

Going in to see a chiropractor when you have pain on the right side of your neck can help reduce the pain you are in, and get your neck back to working like it should. Even if you have pain in other parts of your neck, you can find relief with a chiropractor’s touch. Consider going in to see one of the Denton, Texas specialists known for being able to help reduce your pain and get you back to living.

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