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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Non-Invasive Chiropractic Treatment Options

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a disruptive, uncomfortable problem. It impacts your work life, your home life, and can even wake you up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, far too many doctors recommend carpal tunnel surgery as a solution. The problem is that the surgery may not actually fix the problem. There’s an easier, non-invasive option that many people are missing. Chiropractic care is being used to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in patients across the US. And it’s working!

A Family Chiropractic Clinic treats patients who suffer from all kinds of issues. In fact, many of our patients don’t fully understand everything that chiropractic care can help with until they begin treatment. The fact is that several problems throughout the human body can all be traced back to the spine. The spinal cord is delicate. When the spine is out of alignment it puts pressure on the spinal cord and various nerves. This causes pain and other issues throughout the body. We’re in the business of getting to the root of the problem. We want all of our patients to live a happy and healthy life.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves the median nerve. This is the nerve running from your forearm down into the hand. The nerve passes through a narrow tunnel in your wrist that is formed by bone and soft tissue. This tunnel is referred to as the carpal tunnel. When the median nerve is compressed, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is diagnosed.

Compression of the median nerve causes pain and numbness in your hand and wrist. Some people may experience problems in just a few fingers, while others feel pain and numbness in their entire hand. Common complaints from individuals suffering from CTS are tingling in the hand or numbness in the fingers. This is often accompanied by difficulties squeezing things and a loss of hand strength.

When most people think of CTS they assume the only treatment option is surgery. Carpal tunnel surgery typically costs around $30,000 in combined medical costs and lost income. This is a steep price to pay for a surgery that may not even fix the problem. Recovery time can last up to twelve weeks, if there are no complications. Complications can extend recovery time considerably.

Many people don’t realize that there’s an alternative to surgery. Chiropractic care is helping patients across the US avoid going under the knife. This non-invasive treatment option to the common problem is changing lives without the risk and cost associated with surgery. This is because, in many cases of CTS, the problem isn’t actually with the wrist itself. The fact that there are other issues that can lead to CTS also accounts for the low effectiveness rate of CTS surgery. The truth is, carpal tunnel syndrome can also be caused by nerve problems in the spine or neck. This means that your best course of treatment is through your chiropractor.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Repetitive motion is the leading cause of CTS. If you have a job or lifestyle that requires you to do the same movements over extended periods of time, then you’re at greater risk for developing CTS. Jobs that involve increased typing or working on an assembly line are the most common culprits. However, artists, mechanics, hair dressers, gardeners, and pianists also tend to have higher rates of developing CTS.

If you experience CTS symptoms then a visit with your doctor can help you get an official diagnosis. Your doctor will perform a physical exam and use x-rays to evaluate your situation. From here they may recommend surgical treatment. However, we suggest you first speak with your chiropractor.

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your chiropractor is a great resource when it comes to evaluating your CTS. They’re able to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. With an examination they’re able to tell if your spine is causing your CTS. They do this by examining the nerves from the spine, down the shoulder, down the arm, and into your wrist. If they find irritation along this nerve path then it’s likely that’s the cause of your CTS symptoms.

Your chiropractor can also provide quality treatment for CTS. In most cases, the problem is due to spinal misalignment of the neck or in the upper back. Thankfully, this misalignment can be easily corrected through chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments help take the pressure off of nerves while restoring motion. They can also examine your wrist and arm and adjust those joints as well. The goal of chiropractic care is to determine the source of your symptoms and treat the problem as naturally as possible.

In some cases, your chiropractor may recommend additional treatment options along with the chiropractic adjustments. These may include physical therapy, the use of wrist supports, and ultrasound therapy. A physical therapist can help you retrain your body to operate at its best. Over time, we often develop habits that cause significant harm. A physical therapist can work with you to correct these bad habits and reach your goals. Wrist supports can help keep your wrist in proper alignment while you’re working or doing the repetitive tasks. Ultrasound therapy uses either low-energy or high-energy sound. These focused sound waves penetrate into your tissue to relax muscles while easing pain and inflammation.

Carpal Tunnel Self-Test

If you think you may have CTS, there’s a quick self-test you can perform. Simply place your hands back to back. If you experience increased tingling, numbness, or pain then you may have CTS. Schedule an appointment with your chiropractor to further evaluate your symptoms and reach a diagnosis.

Chiropractic care is a safe and noninvasive treatment option for people suffering from CTS. Not only can you receive non-surgical treatment, but you can also avoid the associated costs and recovery time. And again, surgery isn’t always an effective option if the problem is caused somewhere other than in your wrist. This is why it’s so important to speak with your chiropractor and narrow down the exact location of the nerve issue. Chiropractic care provides excellent results for many CTS patients.

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