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When Worry about Neck Pain and When Not to Worry

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Waking up to a little neck pain is not something most people consider a worrisome problem. They are stiff, sore, and figure as they move around, their neck pain will dissipate. However, if you chronically wake up in pain, or you wake up from sudden and severe neck pain, you could be experiencing signs of an early problem that should be checked out by your chiropractor or doctor.

Common Symptoms That Go Along with Neck Pain

When you wake up to neck pain, you obviously have the pain to contend with. However, there are other signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing that go with your neck pain. You could have numbness or tingling in your neck or down your extremities or spine. These types of pains are often associated with a nerve that is irritated or emerging from your spine itself. Most of the time, this type of neck pain is relatively easy to fix and nothing that should raise a red flag. However, if you notice that the tingling or numbness accompanies limited movement or progressively gets worse, then you need to stop what you are doing and seek medical attention.

The Red Flags to Worry About with Neck Pain

If you notice any of these issues along with your neck pain, then you need to go in and see your chiropractor or your doctor as soon as they can see you. Not all types of neck pain are nothing to fear, but thankfully, most of them are something that can be fixed in a relatively short amount of time.

For neck pain that accompanies a fever, you need to go in and see a doctor. This could signify many things, meningitis being one of the ones doctors worry about the most. Typically, the neck pain only gets to being stiff with meningitis, but the other symptoms can come up quickly and leave you very sick with little notice.

Weight loss and neck pain are not often associated with each other, so if you have both, you need to go in and get checked. It could be nothing, or it could be something like cancer in one of the tissues of your neck, or a thyroid issue that is just starting to exhibit symptoms. It could also be coincidental that you have two separate issues, so make sure you go in with an open mind.

Neck pain that progressively gets worse is something to make sure you get seen for as well. Instead of slowly getting better, or even staying at the same level of neck pain, if you notice your pain going up, someone needs to see what is going on.

If you notice that your neck pain stems from the bony parts of your neck, called the vertebrae, you should definitely get checked out. Most neck pain resonates from the muscles that surround the neck. However, the bones of the neck are very delicate, so if you have pain directly coming from the bones, a specialist should look and make sure there is nothing to worry about.

When neck pain follows an accident, a medical diagnosis like cancer or arthritis, or another medical problem you have dealt with in the past, you should also go in and get checked out. Your pain could be related to one of those things, or could be benign and have no relationship, but the only way to know is to get seen.

Treatment Options in Denton, Texas When You Have Neck Pain

Dealing with neck pain can be difficult, but you do not have to lose out on quality of life if you have neck pain. You can still be active and have fun. You just need to go in and get your doctor’s advice on how to get past the pain. Most doctors will refer to you go in and see a chiropractor because they are specialists in the spinal column, which includes the neck. They understand how the pain travels up and down the spine, and what could be causing most types of pain that could come from the neck. They will want to take a good look at your entire spine, especially your neck, before determining what options you should go with next. Most of the time, they will have you come in for a series of treatments to reduce and eventually eliminate your neck pain.

Experts Can Help with Your Neck Pain

When you have a lot pain in or around your neck, you want to go and see someone that specializes in that part of the body. Otherwise, you may get someone who is simply guessing at the problem, and in turn, the solution. Find out what is going on with your neck by going in and seeing a professional, qualified, and experienced chiropractor today.

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