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What to Do When Wrist Pain Sidelines Your Life

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Trying to go through your day with nagging wrist pain can be incredibly difficult. You need to figure out what happened, but you also have your daily activities to keep up with. What happens is you try and maneuver through your normal daily routine, but the pain gets worse. By the end of the day, your wrist, and likely your hand and fingers, hurt. They throb, and you wish the pain would just go away. However, the next day, you have another busy day and the cycle continues. Instead of living like this and just dealing with the pain, find out what you can do to rid your life of it.

What May Have Caused Your Wrist Pain?

People today suffer from wrist pain on a regular basis. Quite a few different things can lead to this type of pain. If you have fallen down or tripped and caught yourself, and your wrist began to hurt, you may have caused an injury to your wrist. This may be simple, like a minor sprain. It could also be a strain, pulled tendon, stretched ligament, or even a wrist fracture or break. If the pain is mild, then you may want to try and manage it at home for a day or two. If it does not get better, or if the pain is severe, then you should get it checked out. That way, it is not a serious injury that requires a doctor to set it or repair it.

Those that use computers all day long also often struggle with wrist pain. The position your hands and wrists sit in when using a computer can lead to ailments such as carpal tunnel. This pain is likely to linger during the time you use the computer. Plus, the longer you struggle with wrist pain that does not get treated, the longer that pain will linger after you are done using the computer too.

Arthritis can also lead to pain all over your body, including in your wrist. Arthritis deteriorates your joints over time. The longer you struggle with arthritis, the more damage it can do. Treating it and managing its symptoms can help, so long as you learn to manage the pain that comes with it. Wrists are fragile joints. They need to be treated delicately. If you use them too rough, or in a poor position for too long, they can succumb to damage.

Things You Can Do to Better Manage Your Wrist Pain

When wrist pain flares up, there are quite a few things that you can do to help. First, if the position your wrists are in have anything to do with your pain, change positions. For example, if your pain stems from computer use, stop typing and move around a bit. Sometimes a break can really help improve your pain. You can also try alternating between a bit of heat and a bit of ice on your wrist. This can increase how your body prioritizes the healing of your wrist, plus decrease your pain. The increased blood flow of heat helps to reduce pain and heal the joint. The ice reduces swelling, which also helps to reduce pain.

Using some type of wrist brace to help support your wrist can also help decrease your wrist pain. This can hold your wrist in the proper position to help it heal. Plus, it can rest your wrist where it needs it, allowing it to begin healing as well. Over the counter medications that reduce inflammation and help manage pain can also help significantly. The ideal option should be ibuprofen, but you can also go with naproxen sodium.

Resting your wrist when you do not need to use it can also help decrease your pain. However, you want to keep the joint lubricated. Move it around as much as you can in different directions, just steer clear of any movements that cause extra pain. This way, you do not rest it too long and decrease your range of motion.

Should Surgery Be a Viable Option for Managing Wrist Pain?

When your wrist pain stems from a fracture or a break, you may need surgery to fix the problem, depending if the fracture is still lined up or not. Some ligament or tendon issues may also require surgery to fix. However, most wrist problems can begin to correct themselves with alternative types of treatment. Try exhausting all of the other treatment options that could help before deciding that surgery is the right answer for you. That way, you get to avoid the recovery time and the risks associated with having surgery to correct your wrist pain.

What Professional Options Can Help with Wrist Pain?

When wrist pain dictates your life, then you need help getting the pain to go away. There are quite a few professional options that can significantly help reduce your wrist pain. First, consider a massage. By getting a professional massage, you can be sure that you are getting the right pressure on the joint to help it feel better. This speeds healing and decreases pain, as that is the body’s natural response to massage.

Second, you can opt for physical therapy. This is a great option to help with wrist pain. It can help to get your wrist stronger, and improve the flexibility that you have in your wrist. By going with physical therapy, you also learn ways of holding and moving your wrist to decrease your pain.

Finally, you can also get your wrist realigned. There can be pain in any part of your body that is a direct result of misaligned bones, tendons, muscles, or even nerves. By putting them back in alignment, you get relief that can be long-lasting. For most people, some combination of at-home remedies and professional remedies is what provides the greatest pain relief. It just takes time to figure out which treatment options will work best for you.

You do not need to live a life dictated by your pain. Here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic, we have treatment options that can give you your life back. Reach out to us today, by calling (940)566-0000, and let us help manage and treat your wrist pain, once and for all.