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What causes neck pain?

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Dr. Howell stands in front of a wall with his certificates with dark hair and wearing a dark gray button up shirt with a young girl sitting on the chiropractor table in front of him while he has one hand on her head and the other on her neck as he examines her neck.

Dr Howell - Denton ChiropractorSprains and strains are the most common types of neck pain, according to what doctor’s see in their offices each year, but those sprains and strains can be caused by a very wide range of things. Some things that cause neck pain are able to be protected against, such as making sure you sleep in a comfortable position, but most of the issues that contribute to neck pain are difficult to prevent. Getting past your pain and on with your life is important, and the best way to do that is to figure out the cause of your pain so it can be properly treated.

Some Injuries Can Leave You with Nagging Neck Pain

Playing sports or getting into a car accident can leave you with neck pain that simply does not want to go away. Falling where your neck is injured, or whiplash from some type of a collision (typically rear-ending leaves you with this issue) could leave you facing pain that just does not want to go away, nor does it want to let you live a normal life. In cases like these, you need to go through a few different types of treatment before you are likely to find one that gives you a bit of relief. It could be that you need to see a chiropractor to alleviate the pain, or it could be that your doctor may need to put you on some muscle relaxers to help the pain decrease to where you can live a somewhat normal life.

How You Hold Your Head Could Also Cause Neck Pain

The position you sleep in or stay in most of the day could also leave your neck hurting. If you sleep with your head tilted to the side or do not have a supportive pillow to where your head is lying straight, you could wake up with regular neck pain. This can be alleviated by lying in a better position, getting a more supportive pillow, or even sometimes by getting a new mattress. If you are regularly holding your head at an awkward angle for holding the phone or for work, see what you can do to avoid sitting like this. Get yourself a cheap headset or ear buds to talk on the phone, or see if your work can be done at a different angle to alleviate your neck pain. If you can’t do your work at a different angle, then make sure you take regular breaks so that your neck doesn’t wind up hurting for no reason.

Chronic Neck Pain Can Come from Many Diseases and Areas Within the Neck

When you experience chronic neck pain, it often means that you have had little to no relief from your neck pain for at least three full months or longer. This type of neck pain can come from a wide variety of problems, including arthritis, degeneration of the discs or something else within the spine, cancer, or a disease within the discs of the upper spine and neck region. Each of these conditions would need to be diagnosed by your doctor or a spinal specialist so that a treatment plan can be formed for you. They would need to look at the causes of your neck pain, how severe the issues are, and what the best method of treatment is going to be to where you are not living in constant pain any longer. Not all of these ailments can be fully treated to where the pain is completely gone, but they can be managed to be able to give you a good quality of life with most cases.

Other Causes of Neck Pain

If you have seen a chiropractor or your doctor and none of these are the problem, there could be a few other issues that could be leading to your neck pain. It could be that you are going through a very stressful situation in your life and that stress is causing your pain to flare up. You may have a tumor in your neck or spine that could be causing the pain to become more noticeable. Your neck may hurt if you are fighting off an infection in your neck directly, or in an area surrounding the neck, like your throat or jaw. Fibromyalgia is another potential cause of neck pain, but it is more difficult to diagnose because it causes widespread pain throughout the body, not just in the neck.

Get a Professional to Look at the Causes of Your Neck Pain So You Can Start to Feel Better

Make sure that you have a professional look at your neck if the pain is causing you to change how you live your life. Neck pain should not stop you from living your life, but if it has, it is time to get it properly diagnosed and treated so you can feel better.

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