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Sports Medicine Basics and Treatment Options for Maximizing Performance

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Sports medicine is a specific branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. However, despite its name, sports medicine isn’t limited to only athletes and sports. In fact, the ultimate goal is to maximize function and minimize disability. This can apply to sports, work, and school.

At A Family Chiropractic Clinic we are trained to treat patients who’ve suffered from a sports injury. We offer healing techniques that help rebuild strength, improve stamina, and expand your range of motion. We also use these techniques for patients who’ve obtained similar injuries while on the job or at school.

What sets Sports Medicine Apart?

Our expert staff is trained in the extensive field of sports medicine. This allows us to provide medical care to athletes and other active individuals. Most sports medicine focuses on non-surgical options. By focusing on the musculoskeletal conditions rather than surgery options we can help the body heal more naturally. Often times, an involved surgery can place someone in recovery for extended periods of times. Some injuries are treatable without invasive surgery. This provides patients with a method of recovery that requires only a portion of the time.

Approximately 90% of sports injuries have the potential to be resolved without surgery. Maximizing non-operative treatment in these cases has shown long term benefits for athletes and active individuals. Many of the common injuries we see include acute injuries. These can include, but aren’t limited to, ankle sprains, muscle strains, fractures, and knee and shoulder injuries. Other, more severe, injuries may also be treated with non-surgical techniques. This, of course, depends on the extent of the injury. These include overuse injuries such as rotator cuff problems, stress fractures, and other forms of tendonitis.

Sports medicine isn’t just about treating injuries. Sports medicine also focuses on healthy lifestyle changes and injury prevention. An expertly trained professional can also recommend diet changes, supplements, and any necessary ergogenic aids. All of these factors can improve the performance of an active individual. To help athletes and other active individuals increase their fitness levels, sports medicine makes recommendations.

Sports Medicine Recommendations

In order to maximize your performance, your sports medicine provider may provide various recommendations. These may include exercise recommendations to help patients increase fitness levels.  They may also suggest safe strength training and conditioning exercises to use during and after your recovery. The goal is to help your body perform at its peak level. Part of this goal is to prevent future injuries by strengthening the weakened area.

Working with a sports medicine practitioner allows you to make the best recovery possible. They will help you with decisions on when you are able to return to play or return to your active lifestyle. Treatment may be ongoing for those individuals who suffer from chronic illness or injury.

Who Benefits from Sports Medicine?

Anyone who lives an active lifestyle can benefit from sports medicine. Leading an active life and exercising regularly helps keep our bodies and our minds healthy. However, high levels of activity can also wear on our bodies. It doesn’t take much for an injury to occur or for our body to begin showing signs of wear.

Practitioners who’ve studied and had experience in sports medicine have a deep understanding of the human body. They understand the cause and effect of many of the injuries that they see on a daily basis. They can provide powerful insight into treating the problem. A sports medicine practitioner can also help you discover what may have led to the injury. Understanding what caused the injury puts you closer to preventing it from happening again.

Anyone who lives an active lifestyle can benefit from sports medicine. Even patients who consider themselves to be non-athletic can benefit if they wish to begin living more actively. All levels of fitness can benefit from quality care and they are all treated the same. Patients are guided through techniques that aid in healing while recovering strength and building stamina.

Sports medicine practitioners can also teach the proper use of training equipment. By ensuring that you are using equipment properly you can reduce the risk of future injury. They can also help you learn the most beneficial way to perform each exercise along with the proper form for each. These changes will maximize your performance and help improve your fitness level no matter what your skill level.

Speaking to Someone about Sports Medicine

If you’ve sustained an injury while being active then consider reaching out to a qualified specialist. They will be able to help you heal and recover far more quickly than you would be able to on your own. Sports medicine is also a great alternative to potentially unnecessary surgical options. Make sure that you are aware of all of your options when it comes to the health of your body.

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