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Physiotherapy Basics and How it Helps Chiropractic Patients

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Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a branch of medicine that focuses on physical health issues and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is one of the best and most effective methods to heal your body while relieving pain and discomfort.

The expert staff at A Family Chiropractic Clinic is trained and experienced in effective techniques to help heal your body. We blend physiotherapy with our other treatment options to help our patients recover from their injuries quickly. Studies have shown the benefits between combining physiotherapy with chiropractic care. Our customized treatment plans incorporate physical therapy with chiropractic care to help you live a pain free life.

What is Physiotherapy?

The primary goal of physiotherapy is to restore movement and function. However, by helping the injured area heal, you also reduce your risk of future injury or illness. By focusing on allowing the body to heal itself through physiotherapy we can help accelerate the healing process in a safe and effective way. Many people turn to physical therapy over more invasive procedures such as surgery.

People suffering from a wide range of health conditions have reported improvements from undergoing physiotherapy. It can improve the health of bones, joints, and soft tissue. This is particularly beneficial when working with patients who experience back, neck, or shoulder pain. Physical therapy is also very common for athletes who suffer from sports related injuries.

Physiotherapy isn’t only useful for physical injuries, however. It has also shown incredible results for patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and patients who’ve experienced a stroke. Even individuals who have suffered from a heart attack have experienced the benefits of physiotherapy regarding their heart and circulation. It’s also a great treatment option for those who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cystic fibrosis.

The practice of physiotherapy focuses on the body as a whole rather than individual parts. When working with a physiotherapist or physical therapist they may provide you with advice about a variety of things. For example, posture and correct movement and lifting techniques can improve your overall health. Making improvements in these areas can also help protect you from injury. They may also recommend strengthening specific areas of your body to help with your treatment and prevent future injury.

Blending Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care

The basics behind chiropractic care and physiotherapy are very similar. This allows the two treatment methods to work hand in hand. Many of our treatment plans include both chiropractic and physical therapy care. This allows patients to experience all the benefits of both treatments. When combining chiropractic care with physiotherapy techniques you get the benefits of pain relief, increased core strength, and increased range of motion. By focusing on relieving pain while strengthening muscles and ligaments then your soft tissues will heal more quickly. You also have a lower risk of repeating the same injury.

It’s also common for physiotherapy to combine other techniques to help the healing process. Adding ice, heat, or massage to your treatment plan all promote safe and effective healing. This is because these options reduce inflammation and help improve your circulation. Improved circulation means that the injured area receives more healing nutrients and oxygen.

Conditions Treated with Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care

A great deal of physiotherapy is used to treat those who’ve suffered from sports or work related injuries. It’s important for athletes and workers to be able to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to offering chiropractic care and physiotherapy treatments, we teach our patients which exercises and stretches will benefit them. By observing you during treatment we ensure that the exercises and stretches are being done properly. Not only does this maximize the benefits received but it also helps our patients understand better ways to use their bodies. When we have a full understanding of how our bodies need to function then we can prevent future injuries.

Physiotherapy is also a great tool for treating other types of back pain including sciatica. By using physical therapy to build core muscles, strengthen back muscles, and increase flexibility you can eliminate pain and live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Your spine supports your entire body and it is stronger when the supporting muscles are both strong and flexible.

Our ultimate goal is to use the techniques that will benefit your condition the most. By treating your overall body and health rather than focusing on specific symptoms you can shorten your road to recovery. Not only will these treatment methods help you get back to your normal life more quickly, but they are also more affordable in the long run. Treating injuries with medication is only a short term solution. Medication doesn’t actually fix physical injury problems. However, to truly recover you need to address the problem at hand.

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