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Low Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Non-Invasive Treatment

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Image of Man with lower back pain at the gym hospital. Are you struggling to find a solution for your low back pain symptoms? Are you tired of ineffective treatments that don't provide long-term relief? Living with chronic pain can be a frustrating and isolating experience. You may feel like you'll never find a solution to your problem, and it's taking a toll on your mental health. Take the first step towards freedom from low back pain symptoms with the Family Chiropractic Center. Our professional team of experts will provide personalized care and comprehensive treatment plans to give long-term relief from low back pain, so you can focus on living life to the fullest!

Low back pain symptoms affect millions of Americans every year. It is brought on by a variety of activities, injuries, overuse, and even poor posture. Whatever the cause, it causes problems and impacts the quality of life for a significant portion of the population.

Many individuals living with back pain don’t realize that there’s an easy solution to their pain. A Family Chiropractic Clinic treats low back pain symptoms for many patients. Our expertly trained staff knows how to get to the root of the problem. We efficiently diagnose and treat low back pain as well as other conditions. There’s no reason to let pain rule your life.

What Causes Low Back Pain Symptoms?

In most cases, low back pain symptoms are a result of pulled or torn ligaments or muscles. This type of injury often happens when improperly lifting a heavy object or moving suddenly with poor back posture. Sports injuries also can result in a torn or pulled muscle. Low back pain can begin suddenly or become apparent over time.

Sprains and strains are the primary causes of pulled or torn ligaments or muscles. Ligaments connect bones together. A sprain occurs when ligaments are overstretched. When the muscle itself is damaged by overstretching or tearing, this is considered a strain. Treatment options are quite similar in either of these cases. These injuries are generally not serious and don’t often result in long periods of pain, however, they still are rather painful.

Low back pain can also be chronic. This simply means it is ongoing for more than three months. Chronic pain is often an indication of a bigger issue such as a disc, joint, or nerve problem. This type of low back pain is often associated with herniated discs which cause inflammation and nerve compression. Degenerative disc disease is also a common cause of lower back pain. Spinal discs naturally wear down over time causing them to weaken, develop tears, and even collapse. A number of joint dysfunction conditions can also result in chronic back pain.

All of these things, in addition to disease and a variety of injuries can result in lower back pain. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also limit your movement. For many people, back pain is debilitating and affects their ability to work and enjoy life to the fullest.

What are the Different Types of Low Back Pain?

Low back pain symptoms are more than just pain in the lower back. The spine and back are very complex. Complex structures have a higher risk of developing an injury or pain. The specific type of pain you experience can help your chiropractor diagnose the problem. Knowing what type of pain you’re experiencing also helps when it comes to developing an effective treatment plan.

The largest vertebrae in the spine are in the lower back. These vertebrae support the weight of the upper body. As a result, they’re especially vulnerable to disc degeneration as well as injuries. This area is a concentrated network of nerves. Depending on the location of the injury or problem, you may experience different symptoms. This could mean you experience pain, numbness, or tingling on the front of your thigh, the back of your thigh, or even your knees and calves. Some people experience restrictions in mobility based upon the location of the injury. Your chiropractor will ask questions and examine your lower back in an effort to locate the specific problem causing you pain or discomfort.

In some cases, symptoms may show that you need immediate medical attention. If you experience a loss of bowel and bladder control, extreme weight loss, fever, chills, or severe abdominal pain you should seek emergency medical care.

Diagnosing Low Back Pain

Upon visiting your chiropractor you’ll provide a medical history. You’ll also be asked about your current symptoms as well as activities. Your chiropractor may even ask about sleep, posture, and past injuries to get a complete understanding of your pain.

Next, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam in order to locate the cause of your pain. Using palpation they will feel your lower back to check for tightness, spasms, tenderness, and abnormalities. Depending on your pain, they may have you do a number of activities to check movement, range of motion, and reflexes. Often this includes checking the function of hips, knees, and ankles, as well as having the patient bend or twist in specific ways. Let your chiropractor know if anything worsens the pain or limits your mobility.

In some cases, your chiropractor may request imaging tests to collect more information. These imaging tests typically include x-rays to check for bone abnormalities, as well as a CT scan to examine nerve roots and other spinal structures. If your chiropractor suspects the problem is with the soft tissue surrounding the spine they may request an MRI. An MRI allows them to see any possible abnormalities in the ligaments, muscles, and discs surrounding and within the spine.

Understanding and Treating Low Back Pain Symptoms

Once your chiropractor has a clear idea about what’s causing the low back pain, they will develop a treatment plan. The treatment plan is largely based on the type of injury or condition causing your pain. A chiropractor’s goal is to relieve as much pain as possible, as quickly as possible. From there, the goal then shifts to treating the problem, then again to preventing future problems.

Back pain can severely limit your ability to enjoy life. Most back pain issues are easily treatable. Chiropractic care is non-invasive and is proven to be the best option for treating low back pain symptoms. If you delay treatment you could be making the situation much worse. You may even end up with permanent nerve damage. This is why it’s so important to make an appointment with your chiropractor. A series of adjustments may be all it takes to get you comfortably back on your feet. In some cases, your chiropractor may recommend physical therapy to help prevent the injury or problem from reoccurring.

Don’t allow yourself to suffer from back pain. Visit your chiropractor today.

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