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What Is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

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Have you ever heard of someone having electric muscle stimulation done? It is done for a multitude of reasons. Some people do it to bulk up and increase their muscle mass. However, it can also do a lot to help relieve pain. When you struggle with deep pain that does not want to go away, electric muscle stimulation may be a great answer for you. It can help improve blood flow and healing to the area. Plus, it helps the muscles get stronger to avoid injury and further pain. There are a lot of good reasons to consider adding electric muscle stimulation to your routine. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about this treatment, plus an overview of what you could get out of it.

What Exactly Is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Electric muscle stimulation is often referred to as EMS. It is when you take a device and stimulate the muscles with an electrical pulse. This helps contract the muscle, much like when you work out. Through multiple contractions, the muscle gets a deeper workout, and it gets stronger. This gives you more muscle, and a stronger body part. It is ideal for your core, and it can also help things like your joints. The stronger they are, the less likely they are to dislocate or fail.

The beauty of turning to electric muscle stimulation is that you get a muscle contraction that forces the muscle to tighten properly. One of the dangers of exercise is that you can hurt yourself while doing it. You may squat too deep and hurt your knee or lift improperly and damage your arms or shoulders. When you use electric muscle stimulation, the muscles can only contract the right way. This means they get strong by going through the right motions. There is no worry about the muscle being used improperly and leaving you with more damage than benefit.

How Does Electric Muscle Stimulation Help You Feel Better?

The biggest thing that electric muscle stimulation does to help you feel better is to strengthen the muscles that make up the core of your body. This helps you stand up straighter, move around with less pain, and keeps you balanced. Another thing that electric muscle stimulation can do to help is by helping to speed up muscle recovery after an injury. By increasing how much blood you have flowing through the injured area, your body gets more oxygen. You can go back to feeling like normal in a shorter period of time, and your limitations will fall away sooner than without this treatment.

A lot of elite athletes turn to electric muscle stimulation to help them improve their workouts. While working out is incredibly important, there is only so much you can do to get your body in perfect shape. By adding electric muscle stimulation to your workout, it helps give you a deeper workout. This type of treatment helps with warming the muscles up, moving them properly, and letting them cool down. You can get a stronger core, or you can even work up a specific set of muscles. That is ideal if you had one part of your body unable to work out with the rest, such as during recovery from an accident or injury.

The Most Important Offering from Electric Muscle Stimulation

There is one thing that electric muscle stimulation can offer you that few other recovery or work out modalities can, and that is a connection between your mind and your muscles. People who regularly use electric muscle stimulation notice a lot of new things about their body. They feel the pulses in each muscle group. As those pulses go through, they can also feel the contractions. Some muscle groups are going to respond more deeply and thoroughly than others. You may notice that your right side of your body is more or less responsive than the left. By becoming aware of these differences, it allows you to be more careful with your movements and workouts.

When your muscles are less responsive, they also tend to get fewer of the benefits of physical therapy and traditional workouts for recovery. What you need to do is aim for similar results on both sides of your body. During recovery, a difference is normal and what professionals expect. However, once your body has recovered, you should then have similar response times. If you do not, your body may not be fully recovered yet, or it may have recovered improperly. This is something to make sure you have your medical professionals look into. That way, you know what is safe and what is not.

What Other Options Do You Have if Electric Muscle Stimulation Does Not Appeal to You?

When the time comes for you to try electric muscle stimulation, it is important that you seek out someone who can provide safe treatment. Not everyone is able to provide this type of treatment. It takes special training and education to do this right. What you want is someone that has gone through the training and knows how to apply it to your body properly.

Here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic, we do have the experience to help you recover from many different types of pain. We can set up an appointment for you to sit and speak with one of our experienced professionals. They can explain to you what options you have to feel better, plus give you an idea of how those options could help improve your quality of life. When you deal with being sore on a regular basis, it can really make life difficult. There are many options that could help remove pain from being an everyday intruder in your life.

When you decide that you want to improve your quality of life, reach out to us here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. You can call us at (940)566-0000. Let us help you figure out if electric muscle stimulation is the ideal treatment for you, or if there are other options that may help you even more!