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When You Combine Lower Back Pain Treatment Options, You Get the Best Results

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Image of Acute pain in the back. Lower back pain can be a nightmare. It affects your mobility and puts a strain on your day-to-day life, disrupting everything from work to leisure activities. The worst part is that most treatments only offer short-term relief. Even worse, some of these treatments can make your condition worse in the long run. At A Family Chiropractic Center, we take a novel approach and combine lower back pain treatment options to get the best results. Our experienced specialists will tailor a plan to fit your individual needs and help you get back on track without any lasting side effects. Find out how our center can help you manage your chronic back pain today!

There are many different types of lower back pain treatment options available out there. If you take the time to get one, you may get some relief. Most people struggling with back pain will take any bit of relief, even if it is only a little. However, when you try different lower back pain treatment options, sometimes you are able to get a lot of relief. In some instances, you can even get it to where your lower back no longer hurts. Here are some treatments you may want to find out more about, and how they can help you.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options You Have

There are many different options when it comes to lower back pain treatment. However, they are not all the best option for each situation. Some of them are good for specific problems, while they will not help with other problems. It really depends on what causes your back pain as to what the most effective treatment really is.

The first, and most dangerous treatment you have is surgery. While this can be a very effective form of treatment, it is also very dangerous. There are always risks associated with back surgery. The last thing you want is to go into a surgery that is meant to help and come out worse. Whenever you can avoid surgery, you should.

Another type of lower back pain treatment option is manipulation by hand. Many call this chiropractic manipulation. It helps put things in your back, and other parts of your body, into proper alignment. This can reduce many types of back pain, and even help you avoid things like injuries in the future.

You also have the option of electrical stimulation. This comes in many forms, such as TENS therapy, Scrambler Therapy, and other similar ideas. Each has a different method of helping you, and each is done with a different goal. Again, these depend on what causes your pain, as they are each meant to give you a different result.

Massage is one of the more effective lower back pain treatment options. It gives your body more oxygen where it hurts, which allows for faster healing. A lot of people see great results when they turn to massage to help with their back pain. You just need to be careful to make sure you go to a certified massage therapist for help so you don’t risk further problems.

Physical Therapy is Another Solid Lower Back Pain Treatment

If your pain stems from some type of injury, then physical therapy may be the best option. This allows your body to have the right resources around you to help you heal properly. A physical therapist helps you learn how to move each part of your body the right way. Instead of making poor posture choices or moving the wrong way to compensate for the pain, you get to learn the right ways to move. Plus, you learn how to strengthen muscles and joints in the same area. The strong supporting muscles and joints give you the ability to protect the parts of you that hurt.

Going through physical therapy is a helpful method for bringing about pain relief to all parts of your body. This is especially true when you struggle with lower back pain. You learn how to make sure your back is able to get stronger and not fall back into injury over again. This method allows you to begin healing without the need for regular prescription medication. There are many dangers that come with medications, like side effects and the potential for dependence. When you have other lower back pain treatment options, these risks do not have to become part of your life.

Should You Combine Lower Back Pain Treatment Options?

If one lower back pain treatment option brings you relief, should you really consider another? Some would say no; do not mess with something if it is not broken, so to speak. However, that is not the right approach when it comes to pain. If one lower back pain treatment option can bring you relief, and a separate treatment can bring some, why not get more by doing both? One great example of this is getting chiropractic manipulation and massage. This allows you to feel the benefits of each separately, but gives you both benefits together. Instead of feeling just a small bit of relief from each, you now get to double-up on the relief you get by having both done.

Consider this. When you combine a professional massage with something like physical therapy, here are all of the optional benefits your back would have. You would get regular back massages to reduce your pain. You may also get electrical stimulation to the area that hurts. Then, as you had pain or stiffness, you could rotate between heat and cool compresses on your body. This can boost your healing, plus alleviate your pain. Then, you could also get exercises and education to help strengthen your body. The stronger your body gets, the less likely you are to suffer from a loss of flexibility or mobility. It also means that you are not as likely to suffer further injuries from leaning over or slouching as a result of your pain. All of these benefits, simply from putting together physical therapy and professional massage.

Turning to the Experienced Professionals Here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic Can Help

Pain does not get to call the shots. You get to decide how you want to live your life. Take back your life and start living life the way you were meant to. Let the professionals here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic help you figure out the perfect lower back pain treatment plan to rid your life of your chronic back pain.

When you are ready to leave your pain behind, then reach out to us here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. You can call us at (940)566-0000 to schedule a consultation. Let us help you figure out which lower back pain treatment options will help you the most.