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Can Your Diet Make You Ache?

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Have you ever noticed that after eating certain foods, your body tends to ache more than after other foods? This is because some of the foods we consume on a daily basis can lead to things like aches and pains, inflammation, and even allergic reactions. Your diet is imperative to leading a healthy life without chronic pain. While it will not remove all pain from your life, it can definitely cut down on the types of pain you experience regularly. Let us examine the effects of your diet on your body.

Foods That Increase Inflammation and Can Make Your Body Ache

When you eat foods that are naturally high in the vitamins and minerals your body needs, you will be healthier and you will feel better on a regular basis. However, when you pack your diet full of quick, processed foods, your body will tend to ache. This is because there is so little nutritional content to the food. Red meat tends to fill your body with arachidonic acid, which leads to increased levels of inflammation. This also happens when you eat a lot of eggs and dairy. Eating these foods can literally leave you feeling sore all over after your meal is over.

There are other foods that give you the same basic response. Things like white flour, rice, or bread are common triggers for an achy body. This is because they offer almost nothing nutritionally, but still fills your body with unnecessary calories that your body has to work to break down. The same thing happens when you consume large amounts of sugar. While those sweets may be tasty, they will leave you with aches and pains that may not go away very quickly. You are also liable to have an extra ache or two when you consume a lot of alcohol and caffeine.

Common Foods That People Struggle with Allergies To

When you talk about food allergies, it is something many people get confused. They think their body does not agree with the food for some reason. However, that is not exactly true. What happens is your body gets the wires mixed up. Your body believes the food to be something that will cause you to get sick. So, your body tries to help get that food out of your body and minimize the effect of that harmful food. However, it causes you harm in the process, and sometimes that harm shows up as pain. A lot of people have minor food allergies that they do not even realize they have. When you get a small reaction, you may not even realize that it is connected to the food you ate.

Some of the most common food allergies out there to cause an ache or full-blown pain, include things like nuts, milk, and soy. The reaction from these allergens will differ, depending on how allergic you are. For minor allergies, feeling sore, stiff, or almost as though you have a mild case of the flu is common. However, all of that may simply be because your body misinterpreted the food as something dangerous.

Avoiding Foods That Make You Ache

By making conscious choices about the foods you eat, the severity and duration of each ache your body feels can go down. Your chiropractor is a great resource when it comes to learning what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid. They are going to suggest that you eat more healthy foods. The type and quantity of food will depend on how much of your body struggles with an ache here or a stiff joint there. How much your body hurts will also be a factor. What you want to do is figure out the foods that provide you the most relief, and include them in your diet as often as possible. This means avoiding foods mentioned earlier, and eating healthier alternatives.

Since dehydration often causes more joint pain, it is important that you drink a lot of water throughout the day. You should also make sure to eat natural foods whenever possible. This should include greens, nuts, and grains. The more of these foods you consume, the more ill-effects like aches and pains, you can avoid. Discuss your current diet with your chiropractor, and see what types of solutions you can come up with to cut down on the pain your body endures.

What Other Options You Have When the Aches Get to Be Too Much

Aside from changing your diet, you also have other ache remedies available to you. Things like going in for a chiropractic alignment can give you a lot of relief. For this, you would go in for a few adjustments to start, then figure out a regular routine to follow. By going in regularly, it helps to maintain your relief. Instead of having to struggle with daily stiffness and pain, you can get your quality of life back up to where life is fun, not a literal pain.

If you want more advice on how to properly care for your body, come in and see the professionals here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. We can help you figure out what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and other things that can be done to minimize daily aches and pains. Call us at (940)566-0000 and let us help take that ache and get rid of it!