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Can Cell Phones Cause Back Pain?

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The bare back of a young woman suffering from back pain.

Back pain is no joke! Though many people experience back pain and may disregard it after a good night’s rest, frequent back pain is an indication of serious problems. When the body feels pain, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. Besides the pain someone might feel from exercising vigorously, pain is nothing to shrug off—especially pain of a certain body part on a daily basis. Regular pain anywhere in the back indicates that there is something wrong with either the spine, back muscles, or nerves in the back. Some people who experience pain in their backs may even have a serious condition like a herniated disc.

Back Pain and Cell Phones

We all love technology because it gives us access to the internet and the people we love the most, but can it really cause back pain? Of course, not all technology is the source of back or neck pain. However, some technology like cell phones can actually cause spinal pain. Though cell phones are useful devices that make our lives much easier, depending on how frequently and the way we use our cell phones can create a lot of pain.

Back pain stemming from cell phone usage is due to the bad posture it creates in people. Looking down at a cell phone tilts the head forward and causes muscle in the back and neck to become fatigued more quickly. This is because our heads are actually quite heavy and need the support of our entire neck and back throughout the day. Otherwise, your pain can become a serious problem.

Are There Precautions that I Can Take to Deter My Pain?

Since back pain can be so debilitating, people often wonder if there’s a way to aid in the fight against it.  Luckily, there are several ways to stay safe while using your cell phone. Not using your phone as often can help fight against back pain, but who wants to do that? Cell phones are a necessary part of people’s daily lives because they give access to emails and work calls, but is there any way to promote good posture when using a cell phone? Of course there is!

One method that works for many people is relearning how to hold their cell phone. It’s a little tricky at first, but getting out of the habit of looking down at a cell phone while you use it can help stop pain in the neck or back. Instead of looking down at a cell phone, try to keep it parallel with your eyes when your head is facing straight forward. This will reduce the stress put on certain muscles in the upper back, causing less back pain.

Stretching and Exercising to Deter Back Pain

While using your phone properly will help to deter some back pain, it may be necessary to try exercising to strengthen your muscles. For people who sit in an office all day, their backs and spines are constantly under pressure and daily stretching and exercising will aid in reducing spinal pain. It’s recommended that you begin your exercise routine in the morning by stretching first.

Stretching will allow your muscle to prepare for exercise and can even prevent against injury. Make sure to take extra care in stretching your back muscles if you suffer from pain. Over stretching can lead to injury and potentially cause even more back pain. One of the best exercises to stretch your back is to lay down on your stomach and slowly lift your torso off the floor using your arms. Make sure to go slow and not overwork your muscles while you do this.

If you feel pain at any time, it’s important to stop immediately as not to injure yourself. After stretching you can move on to other exercises that will work your back muscles. Try to stick to just your body weight as heavy weights have the potential to cause injury. Taking these steps each day will help your back become stronger and ward off back pain.

Is Pain in the Back Curable?

Many people who suffer from back pain simply want the pain to go away for good. While taking pain medications can help reduce your pain for a short time, if you take it every day, there could be serious health consequences. Frequent use of pain medication is linked to all sorts of chronic disease and ailments, and it’s best to use pain medication sparingly. It’s also common to see people who struggle with pain become addicted to some pain medications prescribed by doctors.

While taking powerful pain medication may seem like the only way to help with this type of pain, it’s not. Physical rehabilitation can actually cure back pain in many instances. Physical rehabilitation is a method of improving physical strength. Many people go through physical rehabilitation after a bad car accident or sports injury. However, it can be used in cases of moderate to severe spinal pain due to poor posture.

How Physical Rehabilitation Can Help You with Back Pain

No one likes to deal with constant back pain, but fortunately utilizing physical rehabilitation, you don’t have to. The most common way to solve pain anywhere in the back is by using physical rehabilitation is with the help of a chiropractor. Many of the problems that cause pain in the back stem from issues with the spine’s alignment. A misaligned spine makes it so back muscles don’t work together to support the weight of your body, and a misaligned spine may even put pressure on certain nerves in the back.

Because nerves run all along the back, back pain created from them can be quite painful because the area of pain is larger. A chiropractor’s job is to create a more even spine in a person so that their bodies are properly supported. Spine misalignment can happen for a variety of reasons, but in the modern age of technology, many people suffer from spine misalignment due to cell phone use at computers. Fortunately, the chiropractors at A Family Chiropractic Clinic can help you find a professional chiropractor to solve your back pain.

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