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Back Pain Can Stem from Numerous Medical Conditions

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There is no single cause of back pain, as it can come from many different conditions that you could be facing. You could be ill and experiencing back pain, or you may have simply moved awkwardly and it could be resonating through an injured muscle in your back. There are many different conditions that could cause pain in the back, but not all of them involve your back directly. If you notice that you have pain that just does not want to go away stemming in or around your back, you need to see either your chiropractor or go in and see your doctor.

Different Ages Experience Different Problems

Older individuals, those 61 years and older, most commonly experience back pain due to some type of degeneration of the spinal joints or the discs themselves. As people age, their bone density goes down and other ailments tend to increase, often leaving an older person with this type of condition and the subsequent pain it can cause. For average adults, 30 to about 60 years old, the most common type of back pain comes from within the discs of the spine. This could be to early stages of degeneration, or this could be due to something like a hernia. Most of these types of problems come from repetitive motions or injuries and lead to bigger problems down the line.

Conditions That Could Be the Cause of Your Back Pain

There are quite a few medical conditions that can lead to varying degrees of back pain. If you have not gone in and seen your chiropractor or your doctor, but your pain is causing you to change how you live to accommodate it, then you need to call and schedule your appointment right away. The sooner you are able to find a treatment for your back pain, the less there will be to treat and the easier your treatment options will be. If you wait too long, your medical condition could progress and leave you struggling to maneuver after common, everyday activities.

One of the more common causes of back pain is arthritis. It can affect anyone at any age, and it can take away your quality of life if left untreated. Luckily, there are many different treatment options when you suffer from arthritis, ranging from exercises and stretches to help you stay active, to medications that decrease your body’s inflammation.

Degeneration can also cause a wide variety of problems where back pain is one of the worst symptoms you experience. There are a few types of degeneration, including a degeneration within the disc and even a degeneration in the channels within the spine that house the nerves along the spine. This condition, called stenosis, can lead to a lot of back pain until you can get the nerves enough room to be able to send signals without any compression or delay.

Sciatica is another common problem that can lead to back pain, but it can also lead to other types of pain. It can cause tingling and numbness that shoots down the arms or legs, and can even cause a lightning pain that shoots from your back into more than one of your extremities at the same time. This type of back pain can be excruciating, but it can also be treated if you make sure to get in to see your doctor or chiropractor quickly after the pain begins.

Stress fractures can cause a lot of back pain, and can happen anywhere along the spine from the top up near your skull, all the way down into your tailbone. This can cause your spine to shift, increasing your back pain, or it can even cause your discs to slide around on each other. This can cause your discs to overlap, leaving you with consistent back pain that can alter how you live your life.

Each of these conditions requires a slightly different type of treatment, so having a proper diagnosis is the only way to ensure that you are getting the type of treatment that can actually help your back pain not progressively get worse. Make sure that you take the time to keep track of your pain so you can show your chiropractor or your doctor when you go in, as that can give them a lot of insight as to what could be causing your back pain.

Having a Professional Diagnose Your Back Pain Gives You More Treatment Security

If you guess as to the cause of your back pain and treat it wrong, you could actually increase the amount and type of pain you are in. Plus, you are also likely going to increase the time and intensity of how much you are suffering from the pain itself. If you go in and have your doctor or chiropractor check out the cause of your back pain, you can start an effective treatment plan sooner and give yourself a break from your back pain. Go in and have someone take a look at your back. It will give you relief from the wondering, and the peace of mind knowing what your treatment options are to make the pain you are living with, a thing of the past.

Call A Family Chiropractic Clinic at (940)566-0000 today and let them help you figure out the cause of your back pain. You do not have to live in that kind of pain, and they are there to help give you your life back.