Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy

There are some amazing health breakthroughs that have happened in recent years, but therapy using stem cells may be one of the most important. Many people hear about what this type of therapy could offer and wonder if it would be able to help them or a loved one feel better. The truth is, there is promise that stem cell therapy could help with numerous ailments. More research needs to be done to see just how far reaching the benefits of this therapy can go. Until then, there are already several ways that stem cells can help make lives better.

How do we use Stem Cells?

To understand what stem cell therapies are and how they can help, you need to know where it all begins. The stem cells of the body are the starter cells that we all have. They are the cells used to make every other cell in the body as we are formed in utero. These cells can create any other cell the body needs, just by the body sending out signals of what it needs most. They can create cells to become:

  • the liver
  • your knee cap
  • specific blood cells to fight off disease
  • a fingernail
  • the skin on your elbow
  • anything!

It all depends on what the body determines those specific cells should be.

Research has taken those cells and tried to put them in the body as new cells, and the bodies of recipients have been responding. One example of this is taking the new stem cells and putting them into joints that were otherwise in pain. This happens a lot in our knees as we get older. Once the stem cells get into the joint, they create new cells to help the pain decrease by increasing the cushioning the joint has. This works in backs as well as joints.

What Can Stem Cells Do to Help People Feel Better?

Since stem cells can create any other type of cell under the right conditions, in theory, there is not anything a stem cell would not be able to do to help people feel better. So far, what research has proven is that these cells work with the body to provide comfort. Some of the most common uses for stem cell therapy revolve around pain relief.

Another use for these types of cells is to regenerate failing cells around the body. In regenerative medicine, the body is able to regenerate where dying cells are unable to keep up. Using stem cells gives the body the foundation to regenerate cells If some cells are dying off from a disease, for example, the introduction of these new cells can be enough to kickstart the body into being able to fight.

One great example of the potential of therapy with stem cells is helping to regenerate spinal tissues. It used to be where if there was an injury to the spinal cord, the immediate diagnosis was paralysis. Now, with this therapy, there is hope that the spinal cord can be repaired in a way that allows people to walk again. The same goes with people who struggle with ailments like ALS or Parkinson’s Disease. If this therapy could give them the chance at a normal, pain-free life, it would be nothing short of a miracle.

Which Ailments Do Stem Cells Help with So Far?

Many researchers consider using stem cell therapy as the next step in a long line of medical advancements that started with being able to transplant organs. Those medical breakthroughs saved countless lives. The promise of this new therapy has the potential to dwarf that number. The more we learn about what these cells can do, the wider the net is spread as far as which ailments could be reversed with the introduction of stem cells.

Right now, pain problems seem to be the most promising. This includes helping damaged or injured joints experience more relief. However, there are also quite a few studies that are taking the next step with heart ailments as well. For years, researchers have been able to use healthy bone marrow cells to repair damaged heart tissue. Now, the question becomes what other types of tissue could regenerate thanks to the advances in stem cell research?

During chemotherapy, many innocent cells face irreparable damage. One area where stem cell therapy can help is to repair this damage. It is done through a stem cell transplant, and it is showing that many who once struggled with the effects of damaged cells, now have better options. With time, there may be more that stem cells are able to do in the fight against cancer, as well.

Could Stem Cell Therapy Help You?

If you struggle with chronic pain, there may be hope by turning to this newer type of therapy. It may not be something you hear all your friends talking about just yet, but that does not mean it could not bring you benefits. It is one of the newer types of therapy available. That makes it a great option for those who have exhausted all other types of relief options out there. At this point, you have an option that is showing great promise in providing relief. What do you have to lose?

You are near a clinic with extensive experience using this type of therapy to help their patients feel relief. Turn to the experts here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic. Talk with our staff about what things they see as a result of this type of therapy. Have them explain to you their first-hand what they have seen and what responses they get from other people seeking relief. Once you hear the success stories we have witnessed, it may be enough to show you that relief is possible. Don’t live with pain one more day. Reach out to us today, and start your journey towards feeling better.

To find out more, reach out to the experienced professionals here at A Family Chiropractic Clinic by calling (940) 566-0000 today, and let us help you find out more about advances in stem cell treatments.

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