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Your Complete Guide to Life and Leisure in Highland Village, TX

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Your Complete Guide to Life and Leisure in Highland Village, TX

Located centrally in Denton County, Highland Village, TX, is a suburban haven cherished by locals and tourists. Established in 1963, the city combines contemporary amenities with a strong sense of community. Conveniently close to Dallas and Fort Worth, Highland Village features diverse leisure activities, top-tier schools, and scenic parks, solidifying its reputation as a prime Texas residential location

About Highland Village, Texas

Highland Village, in Denton County, TX, is a picturesque suburb near Dallas and Fort Worth, best known for its landscapes along Lewisville Lake’s southern shores. This primarily residential town has grown significantly, fueled partly by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s development. Yet, it retains a homey, community focus, complete with multiple parks, top schools, and a generally conservative populace.

Neighboring locales like Copper Canyon, Hickory Creek, and Double Oak add to its suburban allure, while Lewisville offers urban amenities like shopping and nightlife. For outdoor enthusiasts, Flower Mound has extensive trails and activities, and Bartonville and Shady Shores offer rural charm. This mix of nearby cities enhances Highland Village’s appeal, making it an ideal destination for those wanting a balanced suburban lifestyle.

Highland Village History

Incorporated in February 1963, Highland Village began as a small town. Population growth took off after Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened, rising from 516 in the 1970s to 3,246 in 1980, 7,027 in 1990, and hitting 12,173 by 2000. By 2010, the number reached 15,056. Although businesses have increased, the city remains predominantly residential.

Highland Village distinguishes itself from other Texas cities by skillfully blending its rapid expansion with a dedication to community ethos. Despite a booming population, it has preserved its primarily residential character. Careful planning ensures that business and residential growth don’t impact quality of life, earning it a reputation as one of Texas’ best living destinations.

Why People Love Highland Village, Texas

Highland Village attracts both residents and visitors with its mix of suburban peace and modern conveniences. The city features numerous parks, excellent schools, and a variety of family activities, appealing to diverse demographics. It also fosters a tight-knit community, as most people own their homes, contributing to neighborhood stability. With a median household income of $151,032 and 57% of adults having at least a bachelor’s degree, Highland Village has an atmosphere of wealth and education.

Its proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth offers big-city perks without the chaos. Nearby Lewisville Lake affords various outdoor pastimes like fishing and hiking. The local climate, with hot summers and mild winters, supports outdoor activities year-round. Highland Village is also in the midst of a cluster of dynamic neighboring cities, each with unique attractions, making it a focal point for a fulfilling suburban life.

The Best Time to Visit Highland Village, Texas

The ideal time to visit Highland Village, TX, varies based on your interests. For outdoor enthusiasts interested in boating or fishing, late spring to early fall offers warm, sunny weather, ideal for enjoying Lewisville Lake and parks. This period also sees frequent local festivals and concerts.

For a more tranquil visit, late fall and winter are better choices. Though cooler and with fewer outdoor options, the city gains a festive atmosphere, especially during holidays, with decorations adorning businesses and homes. It’s also a comfortable time for shopping or indoor activities. Regardless of when you visit, Highland Village caters to diverse preferences.

Top 10 Benefits of Living in Highland Village, Texas

  1. Top-Rated Schools: Families appreciate Highland Village for its acclaimed public and private educational institutions.
  2. Strong Community Ties: Frequent local events and civic groups foster a robust sense of community.
  3. Safe Environment: The city boasts low crime rates, ensuring a safe atmosphere for residents.
  4. Outdoor Recreation: Close to Lewisville Lake and multiple parks, the city is a hub for outdoor activities.
  5. Financial Well-Being: A median household income above the national average points to an affluent population.
  6. Nearby Urban Advantages: Its suburban location near Dallas and Fort Worth expands career, entertainment, and cultural possibilities.
  7. High Home Ownership Rates: Most locals own their homes, adding stability and long-term commitment to the community.
  8. Educated Residents: 57% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, signifying an informed community and workforce.
  9. Superior Living Conditions: Well-kept public facilities and cleanliness contribute to an elevated standard of living.
  10. Ideal Weather: A humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters accommodates diverse outdoor activities all year.

Highland Village, Texas Geography

Located in Denton County, Texas, Highland Village has geographic coordinates around 33.0918° N latitude and 97.0467° W longitude. It lies roughly 30 miles northwest of Dallas and about 35 miles northwest of Fort Worth, granting convenient access to these urban centers. Covering 6.4 square miles in total, 13.88% or 0.9 square miles is water.

Elevations in the city fluctuate, generally ranging between 600 to 650 feet above sea level. While predominantly suburban, the area includes natural elements, most prominently Lewisville Lake to the south. The lake enhances the city’s scenic appeal and offers a variety of outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.

Nearby Cities

  1. Lake Dallas – 3.5 Miles
  2. Hickory Creek – 3.6 Miles
  3. Copper Canyon – 5.1 Miles
  4. Double Oak – 5.4 Miles
  5. Bartonville – 6.2 Miles
  6. Corinth – 6.4 Miles
  7. Lantana – 7.6 Miles
  8. Lakewood Village – 8.4 Miles
  9. Lewisville – 8.5 Miles
  10. Flower Mound – 8.6 Miles